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Creationists Have Not Infiltrated Everything

At the risk of blindly taking one organization at its word that I shouldn't have blindly taken another organization at its word, it sounds like the "park rangers at the Grand Canyon aren't allowed to tell you how old it is" story was basically just made up.

Also, if this bit from the same page can be trusted, it takes all the wind out of the "OMG they're selling a creationist book at the Grand Canyon!" scare:

The reference to the creationism book being sold in the Grand Canyon bookstore — Grand Canyon: A Different View by Tom Vail — is true. It is sold in the "inspiration" section of the bookstore, alongside other books of myth and spirituality.

That sounds like exactly the right thing to do. The Grand Canyon plays a very important role in creationist culture/religion. So the creationist story of it should be treated just like the traditional Hopi or Paiute story about the canyon. The only argument I can think of for treating Christian creationism differently is to say that it's more dangerous -- and therefore its ability to preach must be more restricted -- because the average park visitor is more likely to be converted by Christian creationism than by the traditional Hopi religion.


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