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I Totally Rock!

I need to start a collection of vaguely laudatory quotes to stick in my sidebar like all the cool blogs. So far I've got:

Sebastian Holsclaw: "He's leftish but not in an obnoxious way." Also: "I think I'm like one of twenty regular readers." (I'm now averaging 40 hits a day, for the record.)

Alon Levy: "If you want civility, go read Stentor Danielson; every other blog written by someone who knows what he's doing has some incivility."

Scott Wells: "postings that keep me from waltzing down a dead-end of thoughtlessness," and PeaceBang: "Seriously, he uses too many grad-school words."

Philocrites: "Who knew there was such a thing?"

Prometheus 6: "Stentor Danielson HAS been blogging for a while."

Dru Blood: "that smarty-pants."


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