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Richardson's Bag May Contain Marginally Less Scum

One of my little ... I guess you'd call them anti-pet-peeves ... is that I love to learn good news (especially minor good news that wouldn't otherwise be that exciting) through blog posts fulminating about how it's horrible news. Today's example came as I was poking around to see if I could find anything to justify my vague comparatively positive feeling about Bill Richardson. I stumbled upon "Blue Dog State," who wrote a diary on Daily Kos furious that Richardson would invade his property rights by supporting animal welfare (pdf). I say good onya, Bill.

(Apropos my previous post, Richardson also categorically denies considering war as an option for dealing with Iran. I'm not sure how much stock I put in that, though, since he's self consciously built his campaign around a resume that includes being a super negotiator, so cultivating that image could easily take precedence over either honesty or trying to sound tough.)


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