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A Note on Comment Policy

I get few enough comments that I don't feel the need to institute an elaborate comment policy, but it's worth mentioning my approach to comments, since I just deleted one. I see my comments box as a sort of publicly-viewable inbox of feedback to me about my posts. So I reserve the right to delete comments that are:

1) Off-topic (including, but not limited to, spam). If you have something to say to me that's not directly related to a post, my email address can be found under the "Contact" link above.
2) Abusive toward other individual commenters (though you may abuse me all you like)
3) Obvious trolling (though I am willing to accept that people sincerely believe quite a lot of stupid things)

I take a very generous attitude toward the expression of offensive ideologies, so read the comments at your own (small) risk. Note as well that my policies are based on the particular nature and purpose of debitage, and therefore should not be taken as implied criticism of other blogs who have different policies.


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