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Making The Best Of Bad News

Yesterday Larry Cirignano was acquitted of pushing my friend Sarah Loy while she was counter-protesting an anti-marriage rally that he was involved in. I think this is the wrong result, but there are two silver linings. First, the decision was made by a jury following a trial in which both sides got to present their evidence. None of the repeated attempts to skirt the judicial process by having the charges thrown out, making a settlement, or intimidating Loy with a last-minute criminal complaint were successful.

Second, the decision appears to be based on the theory that Loy tripped over someone's foot while Cirignano was escorting her out. This is the most plausible of the many ridiculous and inconsistent theories that have been expounded by people on the anti-marriage side both outside and inside the courtroom (theories which include that Cirignano never even touched her, and that she's a professional actress who deliberately took a dive).


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