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AZ Primary Ballot

My favorite thing about the New Hampshire primary is all the minor candidates on the ballot. It's fun watching them battle it out for first in the non-national tier -- and sometimes even fighting to get just one vote. Early in the night, a "real" candidate may even be beaten by one or more minor candidates, depending on the order in which precincts report in. (It will be interesting this year to see how many write-in votes Stephen Colbert gets, and how many of the minor candidates manage to lose to him.) Sadly, most other states have much more restrictive hurdles for getting on the ballot. But it seems Arizona is not one of them. Cpmaz has the list, with websites where available. If there's anything that could get me to register with a party, it's the chance to vote for one of these fine folks. Sadly, though, my man Ed O'Donnell (Colgate class of 1970) is not on the list (though it doesn't look like he's running in NH either).


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