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Who's Out There?

Posts like this one (and its comment thread) make me wonder why anyone actually reads this blog. There are only 24 hours in the day, and the blogosphere is full of people who have accomplished actual things and made real contributions to the world (including many for whom blogging itself constitutes an actual accomplishment and real contribution to the world), and who consequently have the ability to post worthwhile things.

Granted, not very many people read this blog -- Sitemeter tells me I get 20-30 hits per day, from which I have to subtract the unsuccessful search engine hits and the people who know me from non-blogging contexts (and hence have an excuse to read me). And I doubt any of the bloggers referenced in my first paragraph are in that group. But someone is rounding out that 20-30 hits. And it's not clear why there's even that residual readership here.


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