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The Enemy Of My Enemy

I've been reading the New Times' "Feathered Bastard" blog to keep up with the latest idiocy from Sheriff Joe. But it looks like they've decided to make sure that I know that just because they're on the side of the angels with respect to Arizona's #1 nativist, they're running with the devils on everything else.

In a recent post, Stephen Lemons slams ASU for banning a conservative talk radio station on university buses. But he decides to prove (despite lip service against it) that he's not just defending them on abstract free speech grounds, he's defending them because he agrees with the substance of their opinions about everything except Sheriff Joe. So he pulls out the worst sort of bottom-dwelling feminist-bashing:

Still, I do often part ways with my fellow pinkos. I think 9/11 conspiracy theories are bunk. And I detest this persistent, whiney need of some lefties to enforce their point of view with speech codes and political correctness. I've always hated it. When I was in college a few moons back, feminist radicals would periodically try to get Playboy banned from the college bookstore. Not that I cared much for Playboy. Hustler and Penthouse were more my style, but who needs some hairy, left-wing extremist deciding for the rest of us what we will read or look at? My response to them as well as to right-wing bluenoses who want to rid the word of nekkid pictures for different reasons is the same: Fuck you. And I don't mean that literally unless you lose the hair on your upper lip.

Hey Lemons, if you think the most important thing about a woman is whether you're interested in sticking your penis in her, you're not "one of us." You're one of them -- a right-winger.

(And he gets in a little homophobic swipe at the execrable Andy Thomas,
referring to him as a "pansy.")


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