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I've gotten several hits recently from people searching for "What to do if your wife uses VAWA." So as a public service announcement, I'd like to recommend that your first course of action should be to stop being violent towards her.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe they are looking for information about what to do if an immigrant spouse abuses VAWA to circumvent the U.S. immigration process. VAWA based immigration fraud is becoming an epidemic. I also see a lot of searches in my log like "What to do if VAWA petition is denied".

Many immigrant men and women commonly claim abuse solely to expedite their immigration process via a VAWA self petition (I-360). VAWA provides a fast ( 6 months to a year) track method of acquiring U.S. residency in lieu of securing residency through marriage.

Petitioner's can lose their homes and assets through false accusations of abuse. The courts generally grant order for protections on a request alone.

What's unconstitutional about VAWA in regards to immigration is that the petitioner can not face their accuser in a court of law. The Department of Justice holds closed door immigration hearings to determine if abuse took place based on prima facie evidence alone. The accused is not allowed to cross examine the accuser.

In my case, my immigrant X started seeing VAWA advocates before we married which turned up in a background investigation. She also secured employment with false academic credentials as a school teacher. I was cleared of abuse and assault accusations in a court of law 8 months later. She lost her work VISA.

An attorney in New York filed a Civil Rights complaint to address the unconstitutional aspects of the VAWA in regards to immigration.



Asheville North Carolina United States (
7th May 2008 17:18:53
Vawa Denied

Why? Because an immigrant more than likely got caught lying about abuse at the expense of the petitioner's reputation to expedite their immigration process.

Cleveland Ohio United States
6th May 2008 19:07:37
What happens when a person is involved in marriage immigration and VAWA fraud

Sacramento California United States
5th May 2008 23:08:29
if u get caught in fraudulent marriage can u be bailed immigration bails

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:49 PM  
Blogger Stentor said...

sean: I'm deleting your second comment because I do not permit wholesale repostings of articles. You're welcome to link and quote a paragraph or two (although I'd recommend waiting until I have an open thread about epic fantasy, because the idea that VAWA fraud is some golden road to status is less realistic than orcs and hobbits holding hands).

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

VAWA gives more rights to illegals than citizens

On a daily basis I see dozens of queries for VAWA immigration, VAWA petition denied and Marriage for Greencard type queries.

There are also cases where Americans accept money to help immigrants (Men and Women) secure fast track residency via VAWA. This is how it works.

1. Marriage

2. The residency seeker initiates a VAWA self petition for residency (I360).

3. The American Citizen provides the residency seeker's VAWA attorney with a letter to back the residency seekers claims.

4. The residency seeker receives a Greencard in 6 months to a year.

5. Divorce

It's a business and a tempting one at that.

3:11 PM  

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