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All The Cool Kids Are Doing YouTube Posts

This post is in honor of the fact that I just discovered that my favorite band has posted a video of my favorite song of theirs:

Värttinä: Synti

Then there's my favorite-of-the-last-few-weeks band:

Rodrigo y Gabriela: Diablo Rojo

I don't usually pay much attention to lyrics, as evidenced by all the non-English and instrumental songs I listen to (though Synti does gain points for being about lizard foetuses). But here's one I actually can understand the words to:

Stuart Davis: Jonah

And what the heck, while I'm posting music, here's my interpretation of what Rickrolling was like in 1908.


Anonymous a very public sociologist said...

EVERYONE does youtube music posts on their blogs these days, especially super serious politicos like myself. I do however draw the line at posting up my Twitter updates. That's just seriously vain and totally dull ...

9:32 AM  

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