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A Different Way To Lose My Job Because Of Immigrants

Here's a creatively, hilariously bizarre anti-immigration argument, made by superdestroyer in the comments to a Matt Yglesias post: Newspapers in the U.S. are in a death spiral and laying off staff left and right because the print media supports open borders, and so now our country is full of people who can't read English and don't care about their communities, and thus don't read the newspaper.

There was an article on Editor and Publisher a little while ago that mentioned that the newspaper business is actually doing better in Latin America, so perhaps I should be burnishing my Spanish just in case the worst happens at my current place of employment (I should note that I actually have no clue about the financial outlook of my employer). My wife went to Mexico recently and brought back some gifts wrapped in a Mexican newspaper that had some very different ideas about page design than I'm used to.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sales of newspapers in the US have been declining for well over a decade now. This is primarily due to the increasing availability of on-line news. When Latin America is more fully "wired," their newspaper circulations will decrease as well.

12:33 PM  

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