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Odds And Ends

1. There are some good posts about the fact that veganism is not cruelty free by Brownfemipower, Noemi M, and Elle.

2. I'm really tired of the "You fools! Don't you see that McCain is anti-woman?" posts. For the sake of argument, let's grant the three main premises of such posts -- that there are a substantial number of Clinton supporters who are liable to vote for McCain in November, that a substantial number of them are primarily Clinton supporters due to feminism (rather than because they're moderates or racists or whatever), and that a vote for McCain is a net detriment to feminism. Even given that, do you think any such Clinton-McCain supporter is going to say "huh, that argument wasn't convincing the first 33 times I heard it (or thought of it myself), but this person wrote it with just the right blend of vitriol, desperation, and subconscious sexism that I'm convinced"?


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