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Purslane and Potatoes

At the risk of proving that vegan food is all weird stuff, here's my lunch from today:

This is one of my new favorite things. Our CSA has been giving us verdolago, also known as purslane, the past few weeks. It was kind of sad, though, because when I went over to the trading area, everyone had traded in their verdolago for whatever else they could get. But I was also happy, because that made it easy for me to trade for another helping.

Ingredients (for enough to serve one person, as seen in the picture):
- Oil for frying
- One potato
- About 1/4 of a normal store sized onion
- A few shakes of garlic salt
- A loose pile of purslane/verdolago (leaves and small stems) a little bigger than the potato

Heat a little oil in a frying pan. Chop the potato into small cubes, and dice the onion. Put the potato and onion in the pan and cover, stirring occasionally. When the potato has cooked enough to get soft, add the garlic salt and verdolago. Cover again, and cook for a few minutes (be careful -- verdolago is a succulent, so some of the leaves will pop like popcorn).

In the picture I made some edamame to eat with it, but I've had this as a meal all by itself.


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