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Wildfire And Houses

One more to clear out of the queue: Here's a good article making the point that whether your house burns down in a wildfire has far more to do with the condition of the house and your own yard than it does with the mix of suppression, controlled burning, mechanical thinning, and "wildland fire use" (letting existing fires burn) on land a mile or more away. It's interesting to note, however, that there's no mention of the Australian "stay or go" strategy. The idea behind "stay or go" is that if you have prepared your house well and are able-bodied enough, it's actually safer (for you and your house) to stay at home during a fire. The house will shield you from the main fire front, and then you'll be able to go around putting out embers that could burn it down between the passing of the fire front and when you'd be allowed to return if you had evacuated.


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