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Change Cows Can Believe In

I've been fairly lukewarm about most of Obama's cabinet picks so far, but I'd be quite happy if he picks Raul Grijalva for Interior.

Speaking of things that upset the beef industry, file this one under "I wish the things my opponents feared were true":

Ranchers should also fear an increasingly powerful animal rights lobby, Groseta said. Well-financed, these activists' primary mission is to destroy the country's cattle industry, he claimed.

"They want to take cattle off the land and beef off the plate," he said. "These folks are for real. They want to put us out of business."

Groseta extolled his fellow ranchers to join their local and national cattle associations. He said fewer than 10 percent of ranchers belong to such organizations, leaving them far outgunned on the financial front by groups like the National Humane Society.


Blogger Alon Levy said...

I'd be happy to split the difference and cut all subsidies and import protections for cattle growers without banning their work. Let's see how many of them stay in business under a free market.

4:09 PM  

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