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The deal with Mongolia

Someone recently found this blog searching for "what's the deal with mongolia". Surprisingly, Google found no sites with that exact phrase. So I'm rectifying that with this post, which will state "what's the deal with Mongolia?" several times. For countries in Mongolia's population size range, it appears to be pretty hit-or-miss in terms of whether Google brings up any "what's the deal with ..." results, though I imagine Mongolia would be happier to get no results than to get the one (now two because of this post) hit for "what's the deal with Lesotho". Weirdly enough, "what's the deal with the united states" turns up only a single result, but luckily those wishing to find out what our deal is can find more information by searching on "... the US" or "... America."

As to what the deal with Mongolia is, Mongolia is a country in Asia. Beyond that, I admit I don't know much. Get back to me next semester, after I teach World Regional Geography.


Blogger Unknown said...

Do comments help? I met two Mongolians in detention. One of them was a baseball player- apparently pro.

So the deal with Mongolia is that they are definitely represented in US immigration detention. YAY MONGOLIA

3:13 PM  

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